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Asia Pacific Peace is an independent, secular, non-partisan regional organization that promotes peace and human security by securitizing innovationWe consult, research, design, develop and provide transformative knowledge products and services. 

Operationalizing a Human Rights Corporate Culture in the Asia Pacific. 

Asia Pacific Peace core human rights focus is working with corporations from a business perspective. We evaluate business systems and policies throughout the value chain to incorporate integrated whole of business responsibility to comply with international and national human rights law.

The end goal is to nurture a conscious, documented, human rights corporate culture. We also design and develop internal human rights corporate accountability and employee redress mechanisms to mitigate risk to business continuity.

Asia Pacific Peace prides itself in maintaining its independence and impartiality in carrying out its human rights education mandate. As a secular, non-partisan private enterprise, we work with the ruling authority of each state without prejudice to its form of governance. We acknowledge the inherent right of each sovereign state to determine its own destiny.

We therefore prioritize our education and training activities to complement government policy. Our human rights education and training programs are also sensitized to the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of our host state. In this regard, we use our best endeavors to leverage the cooperation of professional indigenous leaders to effectively communicate with our intended audience.

As part of our human rights corporate governance program we:

Craft an official corporate policy commitment to respect human rights;

Conduct a comprehensive human rights impact due diligence throughout the value chain;

Design an effective remedial process to address grievances that are legitimate, accessible, predictable, equitable, transparent and rights compatible;

Integrate findings of our human rights impact due diligence into relevant systems, policies and procedures;

Recommend a baseline resource commitment and the most appropriate assignment of responsibility;

Train all relevant human resource assets to implement the human rights corporate governance framework;

Develop a mechanism to continuously monitor and evaluate effectiveness of the implemented corporate human rights policies, procedures and systems;

Collaborate with the corporations’ public relations and media assets to communicate its corporate human rights governance architecture to all relevant stakeholders.

While human rights are fundamental we believe that equal emphasis must be placed on creating a culture of mutual respect for the rule of law and shared responsibilities among the people.